Amazonec2-iam-instance-profile not being assigned to runner instance

Hello All
When I add amazonec2-iam-instance-profile to an existing config.toml file it has no effect

I updated an existing(working) config.toml file to include amazonec2-iam-instance-profile but when I run the CI job and sub sequentially verify that instance is deployed the defined IAM role is not being attached

Below is the machine options.
At first I thought that the file may not be getting picked up so I changed the instance type to a 2xlarge and that worked. Then I manually added the IAM profile to the running instance thinking that maybe there is something wrong with the role itself. After I successfully added the role and ran the CI job it succeeded.

Is there a conflict in the below config? If not, where else can I get logging to see what is happening when the instance is launched? I did try to ssh into the running instance but my creds are not set up yet.
Thanks ahead of time!

MachineOptions = [