An error occurred while fetching folder content

I had a similar issue (Gitlab Upgrade graphql and statistics now 403) where folder contents were not loading after a recent upgrade, if that is any help.

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Check this: Password expired error on git fetch via SSH for LDAP user (#332455) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab


This happend also to me and turned out to be an incorrect reverse proxy configuration with “Host” and “X-Forwarded-Proto” Headers not set to external_url which was working in former versions anyway.

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Good morning folks! I had the same problem but, with the LDAP user integration. To resolve this, I deleted the user and asked for him do the login with the LDAP credentials. Whit this, the user is automatically created. It worked for me.

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I upgrade to this version 13.12.1 and it-s ok, for the 13.8.8 it-s not good

Thank you very much Daniel for your contribution. Thanks to your help I managed to solve the problem of a user

Gitlab CE 14.10.2 is having the issue. Restarting seems to clear it up for a while.

index.js:29 Uncaught Error: Timeout on validation of query
at new t (index.js:29:28)
at QueryManager.js:592:47
at r (asyncMap.js:16:53)
at asyncMap.js:9:72
at new Promise ()
at Object.then (asyncMap.js:9:24)
at (asyncMap.js:17:49)
at O (module.js:132:18)
at j (module.js:176:3)
at (module.js:225:5)

Still happening with 14.8.4

Also occurs in 14.10.2

solution is gitlab restart

@mkaatman @alecvinent @alexcha Could you add more detail (e.g., URL without your host I’d say path, reproducible procedure and/or screenshots)?

Mine is the same as the original screenshot. I have it virtualized in proxmox with slow wd reds and I suspect that somewhere I’m hitting a timeout.

If you could point me to the error log path I can check if there are any useful details.

I don’t have the path handy but I login to gitlab, choose a project from the list and it fails.

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I think you could copy and paste a server-side log from your GitLab instance. Otherwise I cannot help you address this.

Client-side error log is insufficient to me while other GitLab developer can do it better.