API to block/unblock users

I want to block/unblock users by using API.

I following this article https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/users.html.

I already get blocked user’s id by this API



But when i use API to unblock user by that user id.


It returned ‘404 Not Found’.


What does it means? And How to resolve it?

In articles explain only ‘404 User Not Found’

My gitlab is 12.6.3
Gitlab API v4

Note that the /unblock endpoint requires a POST.
If you do a GET on /unblock (e.g. by using your webbrowser to go to http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/api/v4/users/1402/unblock) you’ll get a 404.

Thank you for your reply.

I already used POST . And also tried PUT but still not work.

Can you check the HTTP code in the response header?
This API returns true or false, and it looks like that’s not recognized by the calling app, and thus translated into a 404.

Hello rev,

Could you help suggest, How to check the HTTP code in the response header?

Did you mean this? (I’m using Postman)

The HTTP response code is shown as Status, which is indeed a 404.

Here’s an idea:
I see that you do the API calls at an http:// address.
Is your server actually at an https:// address?
If it is, any call at http:// will get redirected by Nginx to https://.
That works fine for any GET API calls like /api/v4/users.
However, when you do a POST call, Nginx redirects it to https:// but will then issue a GET call.
As there is no GET /users/<id>/unblock endpoint, you’ll get a 404.

Tools like Postman are handy, but can hide important information, or do things automatically behind the scenes.
Using cURL with -v instead can be useful in cases like this.

Thank you Rev.

I submitted this question to gitlab support too and It already resolved.
Sorry for duplicate question.

Thank you for you support.

Hi Palmmypoko,
Can you share your solution in this topic?
I have the same problem with unclovken users through API
–> edit found the cause, I used PUT and had to use POST, works fine now