Approach for shared repo between disparate programs

Hello there. We have three different govt programs that are moving over to Gitlab from Jira/Bitbucket and had a question about a best approach for a somewhat complicated program reuse structure for one of our baselines.

We are using Gitlab 15.0.2-ee. Moving other baselines/repos and the Jira stories was successful, so now we’re struggling with the correct organizational approach for the following use case. I put together a rough diagram showing how the current structure looks:

The goal being Groups A, B and C would have different boards, issues, iteration cadences, etc. But that the common baseline can be referenced by the issues for commits, merge requests, and all that. Without having to duplicate issues and linking them together. Assuming that’s possible.

Our other groups and projects were fairly straight forward, this one just seems a tad complicated to figure out the best way/practice to organize in Gitlab.

Any thoughts or questions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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