Are former Private Tokens "values" deprecated? Having authentication errors

As of this month I’ve been having problems using my main personal access token to clone/push/pull or basically interact with gitlab’s API. I thought the problem was on me not using git correctly but I understand that this command should work:
git clone

So I couldn’t get my former private token to work, yet I did create a new test token which succeeds in cloning (see attached pic of “tokens” setup). FYI I don’t have a 2FA setup.

I’ve come to learn in the post below, that private tokens were deprecated and converted to PA tokens. So it might just be that they are now “deprecating”? Will I need to replace them everywhere?

To spare doubts, I thought i’ve mistyped the old token during in the URL or during password prompt. However I happen to have saved the Private key in two different password mangers (i.e. lastPass) and they are both coinciding.