Artifacts are downloaded even if not required

I’ve just come across a problem with CI templates. The problem is simply that somehow GitLab runners insists on downloading all artifacts in a job even if this job does NOT have any needs.

Here are a few links to help track the problem as all concerned projects are open source:
publish (#2160931161) · Jobs · BlockProject3D / FileSystem · GitLab > this is the main log where the 2 artifacts were clearly downloaded
lib-template.yml · develop · BlockProject3D / cargo-gitlab · GitLab > this points to the template CI config referenced in the previous link. The job does NOT have any “needs” section.

It’s surprising to note that the bug only occurs with the “publish” job and not the “create-release” job.

Is this a common issue? Is there a hack/workaround to this issue?

Problem solved by adding “dependencies: ” in the job config.

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