Attempting to create a new issue by linux command line - cURL


I’m currently attempting to create a new issue via the Linux command line, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning as expected. Below is the command I’m using for my first attempt:

# Creating an issue with a title and an existing label
# For example, a documentation issue
curl -X POST --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: XXXX" --url https://url.private/api/v4/projects/8956/issues?title=TestV2&labels=Backlog

While the issue is created, I’ve encountered an issue where the labels are empty. A snippet from the JSON output illustrates the problem:

# Partial JSON output
"labels":[],   #### Where is my label Backlog????

Despite referencing parameters such as description, issue_type, labels in the documentation, the issue is being created empty
Is there a potential error in my approach?