Authentication Failed in clone repository at third level SubGroup


I’m with a problem when I try to clone my project “Project Test” by other project member.

I suspect it is something related to group permission. My structure was created with 3 levels of nested groups (IT / Desktop Systems / Tests), all are private groups.

I need to give permission for a specific user to see all the projects of the 3rd subgroup level (Tests).

I added him to the third level subgroup (Tests) and the project as a Developer. When trying to clone the project via HTTP with GitHub Desktop and the specific user, I get the error message from the attached image.

I realized that in the second level subgroup (Desktop Systems) I can create the project and make the clone normally, but from the third level it generates this error.

I’m using GitLab Community Edition 12.9.3 self-managed.

Can someone help me resolve this error?