Auto DevOps deployment issue – ImagePullBackOff because of x509 certificate signed by an unknown authority


I am struggling with this issue for a few days already. After setting up GitLab 10.6 to use Auto DevOps CI/CD including Gitlab Docker Registry and Kubernetes integration I am getting 0 of 1 updated replicas available - ImagePullBackOff on the Kubernetes pod. After viewing the logs of the pod I found out it is because of an issue with certificate validation (Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get udio:4567/v1/_ping: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority).

The image is pushed to the registry during the build stage without any problems.

I am using the default .gitlab-ci.yml from GitLab 10.6 Auto DevOps and here is my gitlab.rb:

Did someone face the same issue? Do you have an idea how to get it resolved?

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