AutoDevops is ignoring namespace

This is driving me absolutely insane. For some reason my app is constantly trying to be installed in the namespace “projectname-1234567” despite me configuring Kubernetes to have a different namespace.

I have two projects, and the second project perfectly goes into the right namespace.

I deleted the entire cluster, recreated it, making sure the namespace has been set correctly from the start, and it still makes it go into the wrong namespace.

What do I have to destroy to make the app install into the right namespace? I deleted all of the configmaps, but it won’t let me delete the service account and default tokens. I think I broke different things now too though.

Ok… I’m not sure what part I did right. But deleting all the configmaps, deleting all workloads and services except those in the gitlab-managed-apps namespace, and then deleting tiller seemed to have worked. The only problem now is that gitlab doesn’t recognize that it has the ingress and cert-manager applications running.

Ugh… what brilliant brain decided it was a good idea to override the helm release name with CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG? it just makes no sense at all…