Autodevops running automatically?


I upgraded GitLab CE to 11.3.1 (32cb452) yesterday (from 11.1.4 (63daf37)) and pushed some code to a project/repository - this is a simple repo with some PowerShell code. No markdown files, no yaml. Despite that my commit failed due to a pipeline running. The ‘Default to Auto DevOps pipeline’ is not ticked. This project has never been setup to use CI/CD.

Any idea why this might be happening by default?

I realise that the 11.0 release notes say “Simply commit your code to GitLab, then Auto DevOps does the rest: building, testing, code quality scanning, security scanning, license scanning, packaging, performance testing, deploying, and monitoring your application.” but there should surely be an option to turn this off? Most of our users will not be implementing these pipelines.


I have this issue as well. We are getting notifications that commits fail when all we want is for it to just be a Git server.

How do we turn all the pipeline stuff off?

I unticked the following when logged in as root:

Admin Area -> Settings -> Continuous Integration and Deployment (expand) - > Default to Auto DevOps pipeline for all projects

This seemed to fix the problem.

Like Robinmalik and Webminster the problem is affecting also the installations of GitLab that i manage.

One of them has more than 200 repositories, dispatched over 100+ users. I sent an email to the users providing the informations about the changing of behaviour due to the activation of Auto DevOps, but the thing wasn’t well accepted: why should we, that use GitLab only for mantaining git repositories, receive alerts about a (undesired) feature that fail?

Even if the solution is simple and there is no damage (no commit is lost), i think that the “fail and then auto-disable” is a very poor politics.


Appears to me that @Robinmalik’s solution has helped me, am not getting the pipeline runs after deselecting that option.