Automate server hook

How do you automate server hooks

Pretty much the same as in How to automatically add a server hook after project creation

I’ve a 16.5.1 self managed gitlab (ce) running on a virtual machine and would like to set up server hooks as described here.

  • i’ve configured the gitaly service to run on and it’s accessible outside the vm

  • imho i though i could easlily install a gitaly client anywhere and automate the project creation paired with server hook creation like: at hooks.tar | gitaly hooks set --storage <storage> --repository <relative path> --config <config path> (this would then run outside the gitlab vm).

  • Is this the right approach?

  • Do I have to install the gitlab omnibus installer and disable pretty much everything except gitaly to have a client?

  • found the gitaly rubygem, but it does not include a gitaly binary

  • don’t want to use webhooks or gitlab ci to do linting, because then the code is already pushed to the repo

  • don’t wanna use pre-commit hooks on clients

Maybe the server hook management is also possible to to via API and i am only to dumb to find it.