Avatar width resize won't work

We’ve just setup GitLab Community Edition 13.7.1 on a new server, moving all the data and files from the old location. All the avatars got broken. They’re still available by direct URLs, but ?width=XX parameter won’t work, the pictures are either empty or in original size. What can cause that?

It appears you are running into this issue: Bug: Project Images aren't displayed correctly in all locations for some projects (#273097) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

If you still face this issue, it’d help if you can capture it by reproducing it during a sudo gitlab-ctl tail session and share the logs with us.

We’ve just disabled avatars resize completely, it didn’t affect our performance in any way.

We are running into the exact same problem (and the above ticket link doesn’t seem to offer any fix)… Can you share the method you used to disable avatar resize altogether?