Backing up artifacts


our artifacts are already stored in S3.
Is it safe to skip artifacts backup from backup process in that case?
If I want to restore, will gitlab properly handle the case when artifacts are already present in S3 storage?
Or should I backup artifacts anyway into backup?

Same applies for uploads, and other object storages, that can be configured to use S3.

Couldn’t find any info about this in documentation.

Thank you!


I don’t have an answer whether it does, but I would suggest spinning up a test VM with GitLab and trying it out. Depending on how big the artifacts are, does it hurt to include them in the main backup?


Artifacts are about half of actual backup size. Our backup is 30G, and artifacts are 18G.
So it would be nice if we can skip them.
As for test VM, it is a bit complicated, as we are deploying gitlab into kubernetes cluster. I guess it is possible to spin up another test instance of gitlab, but it is a bit of a pain. :slight_smile:
I was hoping someone from GitLab can just confirm what is intended behavior of restore process is.