Backup doesn't contain any repository data - 8.14.1 omnibus install

I have just gotten an omnibus installation of 8.14.1 going on CentOS 7. I made a backup, then I created a repository and made another backup (using the gitlab-rake command). That repository (currently the only one) is NOT in the backup. Here’s a find on the “repositories” directory contained in the backup tarfile:

[root@binion 1]# find repositories/

Here’s a find (directories only) on the live repositories directory:

[root@binion 1]# find /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/ -type d

The only changes I have made to the install are: I changed the 8080 port to 8088 because the machine already has something running on 8080. I enabled https with a certificate. I changed the backup location to an NFS share.

Just for fun I made a third backup several minutes later. It was also missing the repositories.

What could be wrong here?

I just noticed this in the output of the backup command:

Dumping repositories ...
 * sheisey/deleteme1 ... [SKIPPED]
 * sheisey/ ...  [SKIPPED]

I’ll look for settings on the repository itself to see if there’s anything I need to enable there.

I figured it out.

Apparently the backup command knows that the repository is empty and won’t bother to back it up. I cloned the new project and pushed a change. After that, it copied the delete1 project, but still skipped the wiki.

Actually, not quite out of the woods yet. The main repository is being backed up, but the wiki repository, which I HAVE changed, isn’t. The main repository is more important of course, but it really should get both.