[BareMetal k8s Integartions] Service is not ready: gitlab-managed-apps/ingress-nginx-ingress-controller


I’ve integrated my bare-metal k8s install with GitLab.com project and it went fine. However I’m having issues to do some further integrations e.g. ingress. It looks to me this was designed to integrate seamlessly with public cloud providers infra, but still was hoping will be able to patch it. I thought I got it all-right since I was able to patch the svc to give it my external public IP i.e.:

11:57 $ kubectl get all
NAME                                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
pod/certmanager-cainjector-8546f8c47c-5nvc7                1/1     Running   0          47m
pod/certmanager-cert-manager-7558d9f5c5-sfwvp              1/1     Running   0          47m
pod/certmanager-cert-manager-webhook-69596d6cb-x5fhj       1/1     Running   0          47m
pod/ingress-nginx-ingress-controller-68bcfdf674-74vpv      1/1     Running   0          43m
pod/ingress-nginx-ingress-default-backend-c9b59c85-9sf28   1/1     Running   0          43m
pod/install-ingress                                        0/1     Error     0          38m
pod/runner-gitlab-runner-79474ccf9f-bg62v                  1/1     Running   0          130m

NAME                                            TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)                      AGE
service/certmanager-cert-manager                ClusterIP    <none>          9402/TCP                     47m
service/certmanager-cert-manager-webhook        ClusterIP   <none>          443/TCP                      47m
service/ingress-nginx-ingress-controller        LoadBalancer   80:30988/TCP,443:31632/TCP   43m
service/ingress-nginx-ingress-default-backend   ClusterIP   <none>          80/TCP                       44m

that is my Nginx and was able to pass traffic downstream through it to the Ingress and hit the default backend, which would imply it is working: 
**default backend - 404** 

However after 5min everything gets tear down and the pod/install-ingress shows these lines:

Service is not ready: gitlab-managed-apps/ingress-nginx-ingress-controller

Does anyone know what it actually wants or waits for? hoping will be able to satisfy this requirement to get this to work.

Thanks, Tomasz