Best practices for managing the gitlab.rb? Versioning?

Hi everyone,

First post, let me know if this is misplaced. I’m a devops engineer for a small company using gitlab omnibus ce. The original instance was deployed by hand with docker-compose. I’m currently revamping the deployment process with ansible and I’m looking for some advice/sanity check.

I’m currently working to improve configurations for a standalone instance of deployed via docker-compose. In the past, changes have been made by hand, without any sort of validation or oversight process. I’d like some advice on how I can administer this config file in an accountable way, i.e. a MR with colleagues tagged. I’m also concerned about assuring the capacity for restoration, i.e. how can I restore the VCS with version-controlled assets when VCS is down.

  • Is using gitlab to version-control the conf for gitlab a viable option?
  • How do more experienced users manage this file?
  • Did I miss a gitlab doc on the subject?

Thanks in advance

  • Felix