Billing history for storage

I have 3x 10gb packs of storage bought but can not find a listing of this in the dashboard.

My user is the owner of the group that owns the bought storage and my user was the one that bought at least 1 of the 3 packs.

I was expecting to find a listing somewhere indicating when (date) and who (user) bought each pack.

Does it exists? Where do I find it?

Hi, I don’t have a paid account, so unsure of where you find that. Someone else might be able to help out though.

You could also contact Billing by opening a Gitlab support ticket here and perhaps they might be able to help:

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Thanks for directions, @iwalker !

We do not have a paid plan… but we do have packs of storage bought… so no paid support for us.
Would that be the root of my issue? I’m lost here… :_(

Billing inquiries should help though, even without paid plan. But alternatively, someone else might post here soon to help out.

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From your group view in Settings > Usage Quotas > Storage you should be able to log into the customers portal to verify the history (docs). If it is not linked to your account, suggest opening a support ticket. to get help.


Thanks! No link to check history though… I will open a support ticket!