Bug with Time Tracking Report ( /-/timelogs )

Im using GitLab Community Edition. I have the following problem:
Whenever I check my Total time spent for first time by the following url “example.com/-/timelogs” and type my username, select date “from 2024-01-01 to 2024-01-31” then run the report I get a report for my total spent time which is exactly as it should be. But if I decide to select another date “from 2024-01-02 to 2024-01-31” and run the report I get a report of total time spent from 2024-01-02 to 2024-02-05, which is 5 days out of my selected range of date.

Let me show an example:

When I refresh the page and check for the first time my total report I get the range I expect. After that when I edit the range its becomming inacccurate.

Is there any solution of this bug ?