Bugfixes and CD best practice

Hi, I’m new on Gitlab, I started few time ago and I’m in love with gitlab.
I was searching for documentation and videos previusly but I don’t found many help about my situation.
I had a stable project, recent launched to production, the code is pure php
So, we have many little bugs and changes to deploy every night.
We are 2 devs, 2 working on different bugfixes at time, and one works on feature branches

The working time on each bug is less 3 hours, and we deploy the changes to production every day

What is the best way to work with that? I thought on these ways, but I’m not sure what is the right way
a)a feature branch named “bugfixes”, that every midnight run integration tests and deploy to production?
b)create a branch for each “bug”, on each push, run automatic tests, merge with “master” and on the midnight run tests and deploy automatically?