Build reports from gitlab-ci in gitlab

Hi all,

Our team have just started using gitlab and gitlab-ci (and it works really great so far!). One improvement in our workflow would be to have a better formatted report from our gitlab-ci job.
Right now our build script does the following:

  1. compiles all targets
  2. flashes a hardware connected to the test runner machine and runs on-target test cases
  3. Performs code analysis using CodeSonar

Both our test application and CodeSonar outputs data that would be nice to present in a better way than just Pass or Fail in gitlab and gitlabci (although that of course is most important).
I think I´ve seen screen shots on gitlab where not just “build status: success” is presented on the project page and more detailed status than just “CI build passed” for a merge request.

Is this somehow possible?

Best regards

I am looking for this feature as well. Have you found any way of reporting tests results?

Unfortunately not. I still would like a solution though. :slight_smile: For example flash and ram usage (we have a lot of embedded projects) would be great to visualize in a good way on the project dashboard.

I’d like to see something like this too. For now full tests reporting and also detailed coverage reporting.

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