Building 2 gitlab ce server on different network

I have 2 networks.
1 network has access to the internet. Other network is locked down. I have a gitlab server in the locked down network. I want to accrss my gitlab in the network that has internet.

Is it better to build another gitlab server in the network that has access to the internet and then push data to it from the gitlab server in the lock down network?

What is the best approach without breaking or breaching security?

What do others have setup that works?

Not really, if you make commits via the internet to the server in the second network, then they will all get overwritten when the locked down Gitlab server pushes data to it.

Probably would be best to give everyone who needs access a VPN connection that allows access to the locked down network, rather than opening up HTTP/HTTPS/SSH publicly. The VPN connection could allow only HTTP/HTTPS/SSH access to the Gitlab server and all other ports would be blocked.