Cache related error message after upgrade to 11.40


there is a ‘cache will be not downloaded’ error message appears in the job outputs, what does it mean?

Checking cache for 90...
Runtime platform                                    arch=amd64 os=linux pid=24631 revision=8af42251 version=11.4.0
No URL provided, cache will be not downloaded from shared cache server. Instead a local version of cache will be extracted. 
Successfully extracted cache
Creating cache 90...
Runtime platform                                    arch=amd64 os=linux pid=24722 revision=8af42251 version=11.4.0
vendor/: found 13525 matching files                
No URL provided, cache will be not uploaded to shared cache server. Cache will be stored only locally. 
Created cache

does this indicate that there is no cache for this job?


I’ve got the same problem, and the cache is not working


I have the same problem, and it looks like it’s happening even at the very first step of my pipeline


I’ve got the same problem too and after several pipelines executions I get this error:
Script cache:clear returned with error code 1
!! // Clearing the cache for the production environment with debug
!! // true
!! In Filesystem.php line 644:
!! A temporary file could not be created.
!! cache:clear [–no-warmup] [–no-optional-warmers] [-h|–help] [-q|–quiet] [-v|vv|vvv|–verbose] [-V|–version] [–ansi] [–no-ansi] [-n|–no-interaction] [-e|–env ENV] [–no-debug] [–]
Script @auto-scripts was called via post-install-cmd


I’ve realized that I’ve mixed two different problems…
The second one is solve here: