Can I change the gitlab processes not to run as root?

A lot of the gitlab processes on my system are running as root. Can I change them to run as a special user ID instead? I might then change all the gitlab files and directories owned by root to be owned by this special user ID.

Reason for this is I am trying to test gitlab with a special security tool which does not like root. I can make the special user ID as no-login/no-password and I could put it in the root group.

How is GitLab installed on your system?

On the systems I maintain, that are using omnibus installations, I can’t see any GitLab processes running as root. Only 55 out of 66447 files below /opt/gitlab aren’t owned by root though, I wouldn’t dream of touching that, but for a file to merely be owned by root really isn’t an issue - if a tool has a problem with that I would that tool away.