Can I pass artifacts across job from different projects- referring to commit SHA (needs:project keyword)?

I am trying to use needs:project specifying a commit SHA in ref field. In following way:

  stage: tests
    - ls
    - project: namespace/myproject
      job: build
      ref: c443c50cee692309518ff624599e3dd2ce367293
      artifacts: true

Unfortunately I receive an error:

A similar job definition using tag and branch name in ref field, works fine for me. Also, I am sure that pipeline/job/artifacts exist for SHA that I’m trying to refer.

I wonder if commit SHA as ref for needs:project is supported or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, I can not find information in documentation. However, similar context for ref field is used for include:project and documentation has a example with commit SHA as ref value. I wonder if behavior for needs:project suppose to be similar.

  - project: 'my-group/my-project'
    ref: main                                      # Git branch
    file: '/templates/.gitlab-ci-template.yml'
  - project: 'my-group/my-project'
    ref: v1.0.0                                    # Git Tag
    file: '/templates/.gitlab-ci-template.yml'
  - project: 'my-group/my-project'
    ref: 787123b47f14b552955ca2786bc9542ae66fee5b  # Git SHA
    file: '/templates/.gitlab-ci-template.yml'

We are using self-hosted gitlab v15.8.4-ee. Gitlab runner: 15.2.1

Thank you,