Can we get details about who cloned gitlab project and their Ip address without audit_json.log file or before activating license key in gitlab enterprise edition

I’m using gitlab enterprise edition 14.7. I need to get details about who cloned server projects and from which Ip’s they cloned the project. Is there any ways to find it either before activating account with licence key or without audit_json.log file.

Someone already asked this Know who cloned the project to their local system in Gitlab - #4 by dnsmichi


If I bought a subscription now, shall I able to retain the details of audit that happend before I bought subscription!

If you read the post by dnsmichi in the link I provided it mentions that they don’t have that functionality in audit events yet. You can vote on the Gitlab issues linked and potentially in the future the function might be added.

Even if it does get added, and the audit events is under a subscription, then it will be most likely shown from the moment you buy the subscription, and not historically, as usually that kind of functionality would be there only for the duration of the subscription. The same for when it expires, the information will no longer be there. If it was, people would be able to find away around it and gain access to the information, which would mean not requiring the subscription.

At this point in time, you cannot find out such information, so it doesn’t make a difference until they (maybe) integrate it in a future Gitlab release.

Thanks for your knowledge! It means a lot!