Cannot deploy doxygen documentation on gitlab pages

I have configured doxygen in my C project, and I want to be able to build the Doxygen web site during the CI process, then upload it on Gitlab pages instead of my personal website.

After reading the documentation, some tutorial and various solutions on forum posts, I still cannot manage to make Gitlab pages work on So either I did something wrong, or I don’t understand Gitlab Pages.

  • The build job succeed
  • I successfully copy the files to the public/ folder
  • I successfully mark the generated files as artifacts and I can actually browse them.

But if I go to settings->pages, it still tells me that my pages are not configured yet.

Here is the task I have been using to build the doc:

    stage: doc
#    only:
#        - master
    image: gcc
        - doxygen Doxyfile   
        - mkdir public
        - mv doc/html/* public
        - ls -la public
            - public

LS is for debugging purpose. As you can see in the job’s log, the files are correctly built and moved at the right place:

If I browse the job’s artifact, I can see the files.

but gitlab pages stills tells me

Your Pages site is not configured yet. See the GitLab Pages documentation to learn how to upload your static site and have GitLab serve it. You can also take some inspiration from the sample Pages projects.

Anybody have a clue what’s wrong?

Thank you