Cannot make Group Wiki's appear in menu

I am new to gitlab and am setting it up ready to move from our existing systems.
I am running the Community Edition 16.3.3 self-hosted under Docker. I have 3 docker volumes for logs, cfg and data connected to the docker container.

I did a test group and got the group wiki to appear in the sidebar under plan after turning off LFS on the project. Everything looked good.

I then wanted to reset the installation after discovering a bug between issues and deleting projects.

I stopped and removed the container. Removed the 3 volumes and re-created them. I have started the gitlab container and am now unable to get the group wikis to show. This is one of my first tasks to move over in the migration.

I have created a group, 2FA is not enabled, I have disabled LFS and still I cannot get the wiki menu option and shortcut g+w does nothing when viewing the group.

Having had it working once I must have missed a critical setting the second time around!
Any ideas what I am missing?


Hi Barry,

This feature is only available for Tiers: Premium, Ultimate. As stated here: Group wikis | GitLab


Alternatively, enable registration features under “Admin > Settings > Metrics and profiling”, which include group wikis.

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I’ve enabled registration features but I don’t see the Group Wiki option in my group settings. I’m wondering if I need to restart my gitlab server or something to get the associated features to show up?

Is that gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee? You need gitlab-ee for the additional EE functionality to be enabled for free.

Ah yes I thought I had switched over to gitlab-ee but I hadn’t, after making the switch the registration features are working as expected.

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