Cannot push to repo, Can clone but not push

I local install of gitlab.
I can pull/push - I created the repo.
I have a user - not me, using SSH who cannot push I am trying to debug.

a) Using SSH the user can clone the repo.
This tells me the REPO /SSH key is functional and correct.

b) When we try to push - it says he does not have permisions.
The person is NOT a member of the project.

Gitlab also has the concept of an “external user” and an “internal user”

I would like to make the default:
All “internal users” - have the role of developer in all projects.

Or better:
Or maybe all members of an LDAP group named : “SoftwareTeam”
They get COMMIT rights for SW projects

And members of the “VHDL_Team” have commit rights to HDL projects.