Cannot remove "To Do" and "Doing" labels from issue board

I cannot seem to rid myself of the “To Do” and “Doing” labels, at either the project or group level. I’m using

I can delete them from the Labels list. I get a warning dialog that says it can’t be undone, and I accept. The labels disappear from the list. I can scour the group and every project under it. They’re really gone.

As soon as I revisit the Issue Boards page, they’re back. Is it not actually possible to delete these labels?

My projects are mostly just for myself, so the Open and Closed lists on the issue board are adequate. I don’t need to move issues through the To Do and Doing labels. I can collapse their lists, but it’s distracting and I’d rather not see them at all.

I haven’t found anything in the docs that indicate this is expected behavior, but I also haven’t seen anyone else complaining in the forums about the same problem.

you can’t really remove these. You can create a new board with different labels - or, if you dont really need a board, just work with the list