Cannot run Android emulator AVD in Gitlab-CI

I am trying to run an Android emulator (AVD) in Gitlab-CI using shared runners.
I used a template from Gitlab - exactly the same like in the article Setting up GitLab CI for Android projects, but I got number of errors:

  1. In android-26 there are no image for x86-64, so I had to use image for x86 and change an emulator64-x86 into regular emulator - I got an error that I have no KVM installed. I tried to install qemu-kvm libvirt-clients bridge-utils packages, but the error still exist.

  2. Then I used an android-25 with ABI x86-64 - still the same error, that I have no KVM

  3. At the end I tried an android-25 with ABI arm64-v8a but this cold start for this kind of machine is so terrible slow, that the CI runner throws an timeout.

So I don’t have any other ideas, how to run AVD on shared runner. Does anyone have a running configuration to share?