Cannot see "Sending emails to users from GitLab"

Hello GitLab Community,

We are using Self-managed version 16.11.1 Gitlab, as we are trying to Send emails to users from GitLab, however, we are not able to see the button.
Knowing that according: Sign in · GitLab

We should be able to do it, since we are currently having the “Service Ping” enabled.
Thanks in advance.

What version of Gitlab? If gitlab-ce, then the features are only available if you install gitlab-ee. On my gitlab-ee install I have the option under Admin → Overview → Users and in the top right there is an envelope icon that I can click to send email.

Also service ping is not enough, you need to also click under Metrics and Profiling to enable registration features. The server must also have internet access so that the data can be sent to Gitlab. If it is blocked from communicating with the internet/Gitlab, then the features will not be enabled.

Hello Walker,

Thanks for your reply.
We are using the below version and enabled registration features.

Thanks in advance

That doesn’t say whether it is CE - Community Edition or EE - Enterprise Edition. Best way of doing that is, depending on the Linux version you use:

rpm -qa | grep -i gitlab


dpkg -l | grep -i gitlab

so either the settings for registration or ping have not been saved properly, or wrong version of Gitlab - for example gitlab-ce instead of gitlab-ee, or the server does not have access to the internet to send the data to Gitlab. You will have to check all of that.

Hi Walker,
we are using the CE-Edition, well that means that we cannot benifit from these services?
Is there any alternative way to send emails to our users?

You can upgrade to gitlab-ee and use it for free without a subscription and obtain those features. This is what I did/do. My servers were running gitlab-ce, and I upgraded to gitlab-ee.