Cant access gitlab because High CPU?

Hallo everyone, after 1 week find solution with my issue, I can’t still find the right answer,
I can’t access gitlab, sometimes I can access it but other days can’t access again, commonly in morning. When I see in htop, there is high CPU, I try to disable gitlab-exporter, prometheus and delete all gitlab-runner, still having the issue.

my gitlab version is 13.12 , here spec of my server :

spec ram

and this is my htop view,

please tell me if there are some configuration or I did something wrong , thanks.

Not sure it helps, but I have a kinda-sorta-similar-issue on macOS where the gitlab-runner container will cause my MacBook to overheat and then cripple the machine with CPU usage. I only allow docker to use 20% of my resources, but it doesn’t matter. I can run jenkins and tons of other docker containers without issue for long periods of time, so it has got to be something specific to gitlab… I reported it a year or more ago and it went nowhere.