Can't create new projects. Gitlab returns a 502


I’m trying to create a new project, but I keep getting a service timeout. When I attempt to create a project of the same name, Gitlab reports that the project path already exists.


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I just submitted a support ticket with the same issues.

So I just got a response from support and it appears that the projects “magically” appears on my account. Not sure if the system caught up, or if they had to do something behind-the-scenes to get it to work.

Interesting. Thank you for the update!

I’ve the same issue. Can’t create new projects. 502 error on

I’m having the same problem trying to create a project this morning.

I too hit the 502 bug and was unable to create it again. After some time, it appeared on the list, but opening it just gives a 404 not found, and pushing to repository also fails.

I am having the same issue. 502 exception and if resubmit it, then route already exists error message

I’m having the same damn problem again today. I wish they’d get this fixed.

Same problem. Any work arround?