Can't find the cluster management project

We’re doing Kubernetes cluster integrations at the top group level. Here’s how our tree layout looks like:


So I’m at the Kubernetes_group level and trying to create an EKS integration. After filling out the cert and token stuff, I’m supposed to choose the cluster-management project, which is at the Kubernetes_group/Hive_group/Three/cluster-management location.

The dropdown menu will offer similar locations on the One and Two projects, but can’t see Three. It also will not accept a full path to be written in the box.

I’m expecting to see all projects descendant from the Kubernetes_group, per Cluster management project (DEPRECATED) | GitLab
But some projects are not visible.

We’re using GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.1.2-ee, self managed.

I’ve tried recreating both the integration and the cluster management project (which is created from template)

Thanks for taking the time to reply, it really helps! :blush: