Can't get Merge Request Discussion endpoint to work

First of all, sorry if the topic is not good enough or this is posted under wrong category, i’m new here.

I’m facing trouble on using this endpoint:

We have GitLab Community Edition 10.7.3 2555d6c installed, and when ever i try to GET endpoint:
…the response i get is: {“error”:“404 Not Found”}

But when i GET endpoint:
…it works and the response contains the notes for that specific Merge Request.

Am i missing permissions or is there a bug in this endpoint, or what?
I’m the owner of the group where the project is, author is another user and i’m not the admin of this gitlab instance, but shouldn’t i have enough rights to read the discussions under the group that i own, especially if i’m able to see the discussion via browser?

The endpoints i’ve tested that works:

The endpoints i’ve tested that does not work:

Hello, I have the same issue.

This is probably a bug. See here:

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