Can't get my gitlab pages site working with "www" prefix

Hi, I have created my website with gitlab-pages ans a custom domain,
I have added the domain in gitlab. The site works well with :, secured with let’s encrypt. :grinning:

Unfortunately, it does not work when I go to : I have a 401 Error “- You don’t have permission to access the resource.”

My name server is OVH, and I have followed this documentation : , with this configuration :

I also tried with 2 separate domains in Gitlab : and, but the lets’s Encrypt certificate can not be validated for the second domain, and so https is not working.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @Sylvain, did you manage to solve this issue? I have the same problem (also using OVH) and none of the solutions I found on the forum helps :confused: I added my root domain with DNS A record and TXT verification successfully (so works fine and is encrypted), but cannot do the same for I tried:

  1. adding CNAME www to - resulted in 401 error
  2. adding as New Domain and and TXT verification passed, but I can’t validate Let’s Encrypt and when I enter I got error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” (in all browsers and devices). Only if I add DNS A record it works, but it means I treat www the same as my root domain, is that correct?

Also I didn’t understand why the documentation suggest adding both TXT and CNAME for subdomain - when I try to do this in my DNS zone I got error stating I can’t add both TXT and CNAME records for one subdomain (sorry if it’s obvious, but I’m a total rookie).

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Even I have the same problem. I use is working fine for me. TXT verification with is passed with Gitlab. I added CNAME record for redirecting to, but still, I am getting the error " 401

You don’t have permission to access the resource." one of Gitlab permission errors. @AlexC , @Sylvain any leads on this?

FYI, I use Google domains to get the domain name.

I have this issue as well. works fine, but does not resolve.

I’ve tried following these steps with no luck.