Can't make gitlab mattermost work!

Hi, I add mattermost_external_url ‘’ , but the mattermost can’t work well , notice:{“id”:“api.context.404.app_error”,“message”:“Sorry, we could not find the page.”,“detailed_error”:“There doesn’t appear to be an api call for the url=’/api/v3/oauth/gitlab/’. Typo? are you missing a team_id or user_id as part of the url?”,“request_id”:"",“status_code”:404,“is_oauth”:false}

i try to delete the mattermost database and data folder , but not work also

Did you have a good read through the logs? I have a similar problem locally. I will update later if I sort my own issue out.

You haven’t stated what version you’re using, assuming omnibus since it contains mattermost, nor your version number. Do you expect people to guess? 8.8? 8.9? 8.9.3?

My initial suspicion is that the virtual host stuff is not set up correctly, either on your DNS, or elsewhere.


I have had the same issue. According to the documentation

After you run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure, your GitLab Mattermost should now be reachable at and authorized to connect to GitLab. Authorising Mattermost with GitLab will allow users to use GitLab as SSO provider.
Omnibus-gitlab package will attempt to automatically authorise GitLab Mattermost with GitLab if applications are running on the same server. This is because automatic authorisation requires access to GitLab database. If GitLab database is not available you will need to manually authorise GitLab Mattermost for access to GitLab.

In my case, even though Gitlab and Mattermost were on the same server, I didn’t see any application in Admin Area > Applications (gitlab) so I followed instructions to manually authorize Gitlab Mattermost then run sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure and it worked.

Maybe something went wrong during the automatic setup of the omnibus-package.

Hope it helps.

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