Can't run gitlab ci with Permission denied

I have a very simple gitlab-ci.yml and when I run the pipeline, it fails almost straight away with a permissions error as below . The folders mentioned don’t exist and I have given 777 permissions to ‘/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-runner/builds/. Is anyone able to help?

Running with gitlab-runner 14.4.0 (4b9e985a)

[2] on xxx vtSSZUwK

[3]gitlab.mmt/Corp-Infrastructure-Operations-Team/terraform-nsx/-/jobs/1816#L3)Preparing the “shell” executor00:00

[4] Shell executor…

[6] environment00:01

[7] on xx …

[9] source from Git repository00:00

[10] changes with git depth set to 50…

[11] cannot create directory ‘/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-runner/builds/vtSSZUwK’: Permission denied

[13] Job failed: exit status 1