Can't see the trigger's token and variables when using trigger pipelines


I’m using self-managed gitlab v13.12.10-ee
I have a .gitlab-ci-yml wich curl a pipeline of another project via trigger pipeline.
we pass variables like this:

  stage: deploy
    - >
      curl -X POST \
      -F token=${CI_JOB_TOKEN} \
      -F ref=develop \
      -F variables[var_name]=var_value  https://gitlab-bla.bla/api/v4/projects/11111/trigger/pipeline
  when: manual

PS: We need to use “when: manual”, because we need to start Downstream jobs manually, sometimes we don’t need to start all the jobs by default.

When starting these Downstream jobs manually they work just fine, but I can’t see the trigger token and variable’s values in the job page.
Is that due to using “when: manual”??