Can't toggle to old navigation (upper bar instead of side bar)

Suddenly, my gitlab went back to having a sidebar instead of an upper bar. I can’t toggle it from the Avatar, as described in this gitlab document: Tutorial: Use the left sidebar to navigate GitLab | GitLab

Here is what I see:

“Switch to gitlab Next” only shows an extra “next” on the side of the gitlab logo.

Self-hosted on your server? Or

“Switch to GitLab Next” is only there on

Even though the new navigation bar is still wildly unpopular and not all the fixes have been implemented, the developers have (stupidly) decided to remove the toggle, that’s probably what you see the effects of now.

There’s not much to do, GitLab staff even locked the issue for collecting feedback on the new navigation, so no new comments can be made :frowning:

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Thank you for your clarification. That’s very sad to see Gitlab forcing their new style even though the majority of users don’t like it.

One thing to note is that not all users are going through this. Some fortunate colleagues still see the old one. This is probably an experiment.

Dear Gitlab developers. If you ever read my comment, please take me out of that experiment and just give me my old navigation. Thank you.

true story… I don’t like new sidebar and can’t understand why I can’t use the old one.

the new navigation is just bad. there is nothing else to say sadly. we are thinking about migrating away from gitlab because of that.

gitlab is going down.