Change default branch for personal repos

I’d like to change the default branch name in the repos under my personal account. It seems this is possible with orgs, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to change this on an account basis. Am I missing something or is this not yet an option?


Do you mean on If yes, do you mean change an existing project to a different default branch? If so, then yes you can do it. Create a new branch in the project, then go to the projects settings → repository and under the default branch option change it from master or main (depending on when repo was created), to the new branch.

Unfortunately you cannot set the default branch so that any future projects will be created with that name. If you want to do something like that you would need to run your own gitlab server as you need to be an admin of the server, not just for projects.

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Ah that answers my question, thanks! I was indeed wondering about