Change role from developer to maintainer

I was invited by my boss to join a important project as a developer. My boss is not as git savvy as me and sometimes it would be good to be able force merge into master and so without my colleagues being able to do it. Is it possible for me or my boss to change my role to maintainer?
Thank you very much!

Hi @augustj
Anyone with Maintainer role can manage members in Project, including changing roles.

Then what should my boss do to change my role?

In GitLab go to the Project, in the left menu navigate to Members and change your role in the dropdown menu.

There are some docs here which might be useful BTW.

Thanks for your reply but I see dont any dropdown here. This is logged as my boss. I am at Project Members in the left menu.

BTW if the project is in a group, it will also inherit members of the group, with their permissions, so you may also want to look at that.

If there isn’t an easy wait to change your permissions, just add yourself again with the new permissions (I don’t think you have to remove yourself first).

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Its in a group. Solved, thanks