Change URL root for all projects files

Hello, I made some huge changes in my gitlab configuration, in order to explain what is going on and what I’m trying to do I will start from the beginning.

First, my GitLab is allocated in a server that requires VPN in order to access it, so, in order to not use a VPN we use another server and changes the IP by Port forwarding, allowing remote computers on the Internet to connect to a specific computer or service within the private LAN.

So, if the GitLab Url is: https://192.168.x.x Now will be https://server2:5443/gitlag making accessible for any user.

But there is a problem in all this, since my external url is 192.168.x.x, anytime I try to clone or see any file of a project the URL will be the external one and not the server2:5443. My idea was to change every URL in the project to the server2, but I can only change the custom Git clone URL for HTTP(S).

Here is an example:

What can I do?