Changes domain to local IP address in URL

Hello, please tell me how to fix the following problem. When entering through the browser by
it’s redirect to the page with url is the local IP address where GitLab Docker Image up. “Keenetic” router through the service “KeenDNS” redirects https traffic to local server with local IP If in Browser manually change IP to domain then no redirects and all work fine. Thanks

The only two things I can think of it.

  1. external_url in gitlab, what was it configured with? IP or hostname/domain name for use with Gitlab?
  2. you mention keenetic router? Is this working as a proxy and if so, what is its redirect configuration?
  1. external_url like
  2. I can’t find information how it work, because it’s use service KeenDNS and no settings except routing domain name to local ip address and port. Example(

while trying different configurations I’ve got managed solve this problem, but for that I setup routing all traffic by ports 443 to local ip, where GitLab Docker working

I’m having exactly the same issue with exactly the same Keenetic KeenDNS thing
could you please elaborate on how you managed to solve this issue?

Your happy day today, I finaly found solution :slight_smile: