Changing SSH User and Password for Gitlab-Shell

When using gitlab from source:
I’m trying to change the git user to ‘gitlab’
I’m trying to use /opt/gitlab-data

... gitlab_shell: path: /opt/gitlab-data/gitlab/-shell/ hooks_path: /opt/gitlab-data/gitlab-shell/hooks/ secret_file: /opt/gitlab-data/gitlab-shell/.gitlab-shell_secret upload_pack: true receive_pack: true ssh_port: 22

gitlab-shell/config.yml (this gets overwritten every time i run the shell install command with the default /var path and wrong user)
user: gitlab gitlab_url: http_settings: self_signed_cert: false auth_file: "/opt/gitlab-data/.ssh/authorized_keys" redis: bin: "/bin/redis-cli" namespace: resque:gitlab socket: "/var/run/redis/resis.sock" log_level: INFO audit_usernaes: false