Child pipeline does not start / Trigger job fails

Hey there GitLab Community,

I’m trying to run a trigger job for a child pipeline. The job failed with the following message:

What I tried:

  • remove all rules from the trigger job
  • run extremely simple jobs in the child pipeline
  • validate the pipeline yml syntax of the child pipeline
  • local path with and without a leading slash

I’m running on with GitLab Enterprise Edition 15.10.0-pre.

The trigger job looks as follows where dummy.yml only includes a simple job with an echo script:

Trigger Dummy:
  stage: Downstream
      - local: "/.gitlab/ci/downstream/dummy.yml"
    strategy: depend
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == "master" || $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == "dev"
    - if: $CI_MERGE_REQUEST_EVENT_TYPE == "merge_train"
    - when: manual
  needs: []

Thanks in advance!

Okay the solution can actually be found here.
I had to include

    - if: $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "parent_pipeline"

in my child pipeline for the jobs to be run in the merge request pipeline.


Based on discussion 7518, I am unable to rebuild downstream jobs by manually triggering the upstream job

Steps to reproduce

I have pipeline A, B , C that are triggered by a launcher pipeline D upon its completion with SUCCESS
Trigger add to each pipleineJob section in Yaml file is :

pipelineJob('A') {
    triggers {
        upstream('D', 'SUCCESS')

When pipeline A, B and C are marked SUCCESS or FAILED while associated with a build version (i.e v2023.x.x.x) , the automatic trigger via pipeline D works correctly
However, if downstream job fails and marked failed with build number # , the automatic trigger via pipeline D does not re-start build despite the SUCCESS status of pipeline D unless I manually rebuild downstream jobs separately

Type of error that caused the downstream job to fail in this case is a checkout failure to git repo

Expected results

When triggering pipeline D and upon completion with SUCCESS : downstream jobs A, B and C should be triggered and start build despite having failed before

Actual results

When triggering pipeline D and upon completion with SUCCESS : downstream jobs A, B and C are not triggered

Additional context