Ci/cd jobs failing today at "created fresh repository"

Today I’m finding that my ci/cd jobs are failing. The job starts out like this, but hangs after “created fresh repository” and sits there for an hour or so before dying:

Running with gitlab-runner 13.5.0 (ece86343) on docker-auto-scale z3WU8uu- Preparing the "docker+machine" executor 00:34 Using Docker executor with image ruby:2.5 ... Pulling docker image ruby:2.5 ... Using docker image sha256:b7280b81558d31d64ac82aa66a9540e04baf9d15abb8fff1cb6ccf770533ba61 for ruby:2.5 with digest ruby@sha256:c790a101d80a26e058c5ebe20bdb8843cbed62cd60e4fb5bf4132943d6fa2688 ... Preparing environment 00:02 Running on runner-z3wu8uu--project-19170435-concurrent-0 via runner-z3wu8uu--srm-1604957489-3bf2c155... Getting source from Git repository $ eval "$CI_PRE_CLONE_SCRIPT" Fetching changes with git depth set to 50... Initialized empty Git repository in /builds/catselbow/practical-computing-for-science-and-engineering/.git/ Created fresh repository.

The job is simple: it just copies some files into public:


  • mkdir public
  • sh
  • cp -r book-web-site/* public/
    • public
  • master