CI/CD pipeline: Not every step in the script is executed


I have a CI/CD pipeline with a test stage. The test stage has two jobs. The first job runs fine while the second one is not working properly. The problematic job executes just parts of the script commands. The last two Linux grep commands are not executed, causing the pipeline to succeed although it must fail.

This happens on GitLab CE 12.9.4.

extract of the relevant parts of the simplified .gitlab-ci.yml file:


    - test

    stage: test
    timeout: 10m
        - cURL request
	- echo
	- cURL request
        - cURl request
	- cURL request which saves the output to a .txt file
        - (! grep '<some string>' result.txt)
        - (! grep '<some string>' result.txt)
        - my_branch

The job does succeed although the both grep statements should find matching strings and thus return a negative exit code to let the pipeline fail. In the job log I can see that the both grep commands are not executed. The other script commands are executed and giving the expected results.

I did execute the pipeline manually (not triggering it by creating a merge request). What could be the issue here? This did work in the past but I’m not sure if I broke it without being aware or if a GitLab update did break it.

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards,

I found the reason for this: This wasn’t a bug but two branches with different configuration files for the pipeline. Both files should be kept in sync. How to achieve this, is something I have to find out yet.