CI/CD Pipeline: Triggerer contains unrelated user name instead of committer's name

We have a deployment in which an automated script commits and pushes files to the gitlab repository.

We added a deployment key with write permissions, and the script is able to push commits to the origin.

In our setup each commit triggers a Gitlab pipeline, which shows up on the “Pipelines” page under the CI/CD category.

While the “Commit” column on the Pipelines page shows the correct commiter’s name (the one given to the automatic script), the “Triggerer” column contains the name of the actual user who added the deployment key to the repository (the actual human’s name).

This is unwanted behaviour since the Triggerer value also propagates to logs and messages, e.g. to Slack commit messages, creating an appearance as if the original user created the commits, and not the automatic script.

I didn’t find any documentation about decoupling the triggerer name from the user’s name. How can this be resolved?

Thank you in advance!


I am facing the exact same problem listed in this post.

We have configured a periodic process that generates and commits files.

The script has write access with a deploy key. On change, emails are sent via the “Emails on Push” however the mailer name (not the address) is directly correlated with an actual human name.

I have also run multiple checks with the “Send from committer”.

Is it possible to fix this so that it reflects the name of the machine that actually commits?

Thanks in advance,

I have the same issue. Did you folks find any solution to fix it?